Mih from Dalmatia

Dalmatian diplas are the most widespread type of dipla or mih and were once found in the most of Lika, all of Dalmatia and Dalmatian Zagora, and all the way to the island of Korčula. This type of  mih is characterized by decorations in the shape of tusks or horns (real or wooden), a blowpipe that is attached to the middle of the bag, the carved and stylized shape of a head on the barrel and a carved rotačka with which the rear opening of the bag was closed. These decorations were also specific for the mih from Herzegovina and Pelješac.

Dalmatian diplas have six holes for playing on their right side and only two on the left side (6-2). Given the prevalence of these types of mih, there were various techniques and ways of playing and almost every player had his own unique style, and special melodies and improvisations.