Childrens instruments

In the past, children in the past very often imitated adults in their games, just like today. Since they could not buy toys, they very often made their own using anything they could find in their surroundings. This is why many children’s instruments rarely had musical value, but served only as toys. Such toys were usually pipes made of reed, bark, grass-blades or tree leaves. These instruments could be thrown away as soon as they had been used, but still, there were some instruments that adults made for their children and which have been preserved until today.

Various rattles and buzzers made of wood or walnut shells, small guslas made of maize, a small child’s diplica, whistles made of clay and others can still be found in several ethnographic museums.

In the photographs above moving down: a children’s žveglicas from Zagorje (in the shape of a pistol, a bajs and jedinka), small guslas of maize and a beautifully carved wooden rattle.