The roženica (sopila, sopela) is another old traditional instrument that is similar to today’s oboe. It is still used today in the Istria region. Like the sopila, the roženica is a descendant of the shawm. Its features include double reeds made of reed and a conical bore made of several pieces of wood. The roženica has a powerful sound and is always played in pairs (large and small). Although on a first impression the roženica is very similar to the sopila from the island of Krk, there are differences between the two instruments. They vary in the outer manufacturing details, in reeds, in the technique of playing and in the characteristics of their sound. The sound of the sopila is always somewhat stronger and more robust, while the sound of the roženica is slightly gentler.

People usually sing with along with the roženica and there are also interesting combinations of simultaneous playing of the roženica and the šurli or the roženica and the mih. The roženica is an instrument that, like the mih and šurli, is very much alive today in the folklore of Istria.