The jedinka, or žveglica, is a single-pipe instrument usually made of elder wood or hazel-wood, although other types of wood can also be used, such as plum, maple, or cherry. The jedinka usually has six holes for playing and a reed that is positioned on the outer side, i.e. it is turned upwards, unlike the eastern variants of this instrument, in which the reed is usually on the inner side, turned towards the player. The term flute-frula, which is not of Croatian origin, was never used in Croatian Zagorje for these types of instruments. Another very interesting characteristic of the jedinka from Zagorje is a square outer cut that is different from all of the other variants of similar pipes, which usually have a circular cut. The jedinka is a solo instrument with a very gentle, elegiac sound. Various types of the jedinka were once played throughout Croatia long ago.

Right photo: jedinka from Hrvatsko Zagorje

Left photos: jednogrla from Dalmacija  and čuruminka from Island Korčula.